We started writing Doomberg in May of 2021 to highlight the fundamentals missing from many economic and policy decisions, and it quickly grew to be one of the most widely read finance newsletters on Substack.

This publication is our passion, and the content is borne out of our team’s deep experience in heavy industry, private equity, and the hard sciences. Family offices and c-suite executives hire us to deliver innovative thinking and clarity to complex problems – we operate as though our subscribers share those same expectations.

Why the Green Chicken?

Read Doomberg’s origin story here.

What’s the Price of Doomberg and What Do I Get for It?

Doomberg subscribers get 6-8 articles a month (+ extras for the Pro tier). Our goal is that the arrival of each one sparks an “Ooh, I get to read that!” response.

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How Happy Are Subscribers?

See for yourself! A smattering of representative comments:

Can I Try It Before I Subscribe?

Our first year of publication was free so poke around the archives to get a feel for the place (anything pre-May 2022). We’ve linked to some of our most memorable pieces from that time to give you a sense for how we analyze problems and how we communicate the results of that analysis. If you like what you read, consider joining the Coop as a paid subscriber! We’re thousands of happy subscribers strong and we’d love to make room for you, too.

Favorite #1: Where Stuff Comes From (Published October 2021)

Favorite #2: Super Stonks – AMC Entertainment Holdings (August 2021)

Favorite #3: Have Fun Staying Cold (November 2021)

Favorite #4: California Ditzkrieg (December 2021)

Favorite #5: New England is an Energy Crisis Waiting to Happen (December 2021)

Favorite of All Time: These Chairs Aren’t Going to Sell Themselves (January 2022)

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